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Yoga & Spa Retreats - Sanda Retreats Goa

Perhaps your body is in shape, but peace of mind and tranquillity is harder to obtain in your everyday lifestyle.

If you are restless, irritable and discontent, our Yoga Retreat can give you serenity.

Through yoga and meditation, our course teaches you to put your troubles, problems and worries in perspective, helping you enjoy inner calmness and tranquillity to free you from obsessive thinking.

Join us at our Yoga Retreat if you want to find out how to relieve the mental pressures of modern life and learn to truly relax.

About Program

The Yoga and Spa Retreat package is aimed at anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of relaxation, yoga, meditation and spa therapy treatments. Whether new to yoga or experienced in the practice, instructors will be on hand to help teach, guide, correct your posture and even suggest beneficial postures to help treat any physical, physiological or psychological health issues you may have.


 For The Beach House Goa (Rooms)
 Days  3 Nights  5 Nights  7 Nights  10 Nights  14 Nights
 Per Single Person Single
£ 900.00
£ 1400.00
£ 1899.00
£ 2549.00
£ 3349.00
 Per Double Person Double (PP)
£ 700.00
£ 1149.00
£ 1499.00
£ 1999.00
£ 2649.00
  For Dudhsagar Spa Resort (Eco Tent)
 Per Single Person Single
£ 389.00
£ 630.00
£ 865.00
£ 1225.00
£ 1650.00
 Per Double Person Double (PP)
£ 320.00
£ 515.00
£ 700.00
£ 975.00
£ 1339.00

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