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«It is a pleasure to write this testimonial. My stay at the beach house has been such a great experience; I have benefited both physically and mentally. I felt really supported by the entire Sanda Wellness team with the help of the doctors, dieticians, therapists& staff and appreciated how each one of them contributed in helping me change my life for the better. The educational talks were fantastic, motivational and inspiring. The treatments and therapies were simply great and relaxing, and not to forget the beach house was simply amazing and beautiful overlooking the horizon, Many of us do think that a weight loss programme means heavy work outs, crash diets etc. but we are sadly mistaken, it’s just about learning to think right, eat right, and exercise right. To be honest, I do not follow a diet; I just eat healthy and do activities that keep me healthy. This retreat has taught me a new approach to health and given me a new approach to life. I do hope that many more people avail themselves of this great and positive experience. I’m glad I experienced it and I hope you do so!!!!! »

Esther Godhino
«My Over all experience at the 7 day weight loss retreat was Phenomenal, everything starting from the morning Yoga session till the evening talk session was quite motivating & knowledgeable. In the past 2 months, I have successfully stuck to the learnings of the Retreat. (Yoga, Diet, Self Motivation etc.) All the Treatments and Therapies completely relaxed my Mind and Body. The breeze-throwing Beach facing house where the Retreat was conducted got enough positive energy and peace to my mind. The Staff at the Retreat were very Kind in their approach, and last but not the least, I would definitely & strongly recommend all my Friends, Colleagues to attend any of these Retreats organized in the near future by Sanda Wellbeing»
Nevin Norani
«This Weight Loss Retreat has offered me much more than what the name suggest. It has endowed me with 'complete wellness'. My mind & body was treated the way it deserved and needed to be treated. The peaceful ambience, wonderful diet plan, yoga sessions, relaxing massages, inspirational and educational discourses have truly rejuvenated me - physically & mentally.

This has indeed been an enriching experience and I still continue to reap the benefits of what I have learnt at this retreat. It has been a privilege to be a part of such a well-defined program. I thank Kate and her amazing team for their guidance and counsel.»

Aloma Louis


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