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Weight Management Retreat

Do you find it hard to stick to a diet? Do those unwanted pounds creep back on as quickly as they came off?

If you have trouble losing weight and keeping it off, then this is the course for you.

Featuring many of the cleansing aspects of our detox programs this retreat is exclusively designed to help you manage your weight in a healthy and educated way.

About Program

The main purpose of a Weight Management Retreat is to empower you to take control of your health. We don’t believe in diets or slogging in the gym for hours every day. We believe in balance and finding a way to manage your weight whilst living your life. Though weight loss is inevitable during the retreat it isn’t the main focus.

As with all Sanda Retreats we aim to look at Weight Management from a holistic point of view, it is not just about your time here but we aim to help you continue to manage your weight from this point forward. .


 For The Beach House Goa
 Days  3 Nights  5 Nights  7 Nights  10 Nights  14 Nights
 Per Single Person Single
£ 849.00
£ 1299.00
£ 1699.00
£ 2299.00
£ 2999.00
 Per Double Person Double (PP)
£ 649.00
£ 995.00
£ 1349.00
£ 1789.00
£ 2389.00


«My visit has been truly life changing. My diet has completely changed and I am l feeling comfortable with my weight for the first time in years. Its amazing how a change in diet has given me so much energy. I am exercising most days and actually enjoying it. »
Paul Nelson

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